It was a gift to celebrate Mother’s Day. I did play a concert in the evening, which wasn’t my favorite part of the day. The best part was taking a walk by myself before Annie woke up– I spent some time praying, particularly for the birth mother of our child. It was a sweet time with the Lord. Dan wrote me a beautiful poem, and we all took a nap after church. Earlier in the weekend, Annie and I went to the Farmer’s Market and bought some flowers for the occasion. Aren’t they beautiful?

Here are some passages I have read recently relating to parenting:

“While we are responsible to strive faithfully to follow God’s parenting instructions, we cannot save our kids and (thankfully) we cannot ruin our kids. We are totally dependent upon God’s mercy to us and to our children. There is no task in life that will humble you before God more than being a parent.” Parenting is more than a formula, Newheiser.

“Moralism is the idea that we merit God’s favor by being good (it is the deadly enemy of Christian parenting) Moralism trusts in its own goodness and virtue. Gospel-centered teaching says our behavior can never be good enough to make us right with God. Before we deserve it, God reaches out to us in grace and mercy. He forgives those who turn from sin and trust in Jesus. We receive His mercy instead of punishment for sin because God’s justice was met through the death of His dearly loved Son on the cross. Jesus’ resurrection power gives us a new heart, a new mind, and new desires to live for God. Gospel-centered teaching says God uses people who are weak and broken. God knows who we are. His love for us doesn’t change when we fail. His plan and His promises prevail in spite of our imperfections.” How to Reach a Child’s Heart for Christ, Barbara Reaoch.