The greatest adventure begins with this:

Faith is a fantastic adventure in Trusting Him. – Corrie Ten Boom 

We have created this blog to keep our family and friends up to date. Specifically in this season, we will be updating on our latest adventure: Adoption!

When I, Eliza, spent the summer of 2004 in Rome to perform at a music festival, I was intrigued by  the scooters. I dreamed, and even became determined  to take a ride through the eternal city via vespa! It was very fortunate that there was a trumpet player in the orchestra who owned a scooter, and some of the Italians I had befriended asked him to take me for a spin. As we whizzed through the small streets and then onto the fast roads in the city It felt surreal, thrilling, frightening, exciting, and unforgettable.

Our adoption journey has been an adventure, and as we have begun the process, it has felt much like the ride on the Italian scooter. We are striving to learn and to trust God, as we are navigating this thrilling, surreal, frightening and exciting ride!